Brazilian Blowout Rewind

$10 off when you add it to any hair service. Stand Alone $50 and added on (normally $30).

Brazilian Blowout REWIND is a NEW in-salon service that instantly reverses the signs of aging in your hair. With its technology, it is able to immediately correct years of damage to both mature and chemically treated hair. Add to any service for instant results that last up to 10 shampoos!

Reverse aging and damage instantly with Brazilian Blowout REWIND! Using smart technology and plant protein, this product rebuilds your hair from the inside out. Bring back shine, manageability, and resilience with the look and feel of more youthful hair.

Why do we love it?

As stylists, we color grey hair, style it and even help some embrace it. The thing that is hard is controlling the wiry texture, and this does just that. Even more, REWIND resurfaces the hair and protects it against humidity, pollutants, and discoloration from hard water! But don’t think it stops there! This is also great for younger clients looking to prevent aging or repair chemical damage. Add REWIND to your next hair service and see for yourself!

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