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Improve your Selfies with a Spray Tan and Lash Extensions! Your skin will glow - and no it won’t be orange, we promise - you will be a bronzed princess/prince with our Sunless Glow hand-sprayed by Bree and Brittney! Then stop in with Bobbie or Bree for some gorgeous lashes to enhance those pretty lil' eyes of yours! You will be shocked when you see yourself flutter those lashes, the only downfall is people are gonna stare! Get $10 off your first spray tan or $20 off your first set of Lashes! *

Want to learn more about our Spray Tanning or Lash Lift Services? Follow the links below or call us at (810) 360-0915.

Spray Tanning Lash Lifts

* Note: this must be the first time you've tried Tanning or Lashes at K Bella

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