Virtual Consultation

We Have A New Way To Consult With You Prior To Your Appointment!

There are many services that we need to consult with you first. This helps us get you a quote for the services you would like to receive and will let us book the proper amount of time for your appointment. We will contact you if we need to have a virtual conversation regarding your appointment, this would take place on Zoom using ID 943 991 8111. Below we have examples on how to take the photos, PLEASE follow these instructions - if we cannot properly see, we will need to ask you to try again. If you have any questions, please fill out our contact form or call us at (810) 360-0915.

Instructions For Uploading Selfies

  • You MUST provide photos from all angles for hair consultations

  • Natural sunlight (outdoors) is preferred so we can see the color

  • Make sure you're standing straight with the camera

  • Use a solid background - light for dark hair and dark for light hair

  • For facial procedures, make sure the photo is clear and close-up

1 - Top of Head
2 - From Right Side
3 - From Left Side
4 - From Front
5 - From Back
6 - Close-Up of Face
7 - Your Desired "Look"

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