Primary Green CBD Products

100% Synthetic-Free & THC-Free CBD Isolate Oil

Primary Green's passion was created through real-life stories that each member of their team experienced through the wonderful world of hemp and CBD. Some of them struggled with anxiety, others with pain, and some of them had trouble sleeping. They were skeptical the first time they tried CBD just as you probably are/were!

Just like you, they had tried all “the things” and used CBD as a last resort in their hour of need. Their personal experience links them together with you–it’s that moment when we feel better! They will never forget when they realized IT WAS WORKING! And they want that for you too! Add this life tool to your self-help bag today.

Primary Green found that most companies were using synthetic and low-grade materials that are often purchased out of the country so they made it their mission to not only get this into your hands so they can share their discovery with you but to also create a product of the ultimate quality, purity, and taste, which is THC-Free and packed full of love!

They will always be perfecting and growing as people and hope to pass on their good vibes and professional Hemp CBD products to you for years to come! Live Happy with Hemp.

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