Wedding Makeup - To Trend Or Not To Trend?

Wanting the latest makeup trend for your big wedding day? Read on before you decide!

Our makeup artists really try to avoid the term "trend" when talking about makeup. The last thing you want your wedding makeup to look like is what was in the latest fashion magazine when it doesn’t reflect your personality and style or take into account your skin tone and face shape.

We have seen a change in the last few years in the general requests of my clients. We see Instagram becoming a big influence, particularly amongst younger brides. There has been a surge of pictures that show the glamorous, more bold, classic look for bridal makeup. Recently, clients have been looking to use that influence in their wedding day makeup. They want to use liquid lipsticks, highlighter and have prominent brows, which is a look we think will continue through the rest of this year. This makeup looks great on some people, but you have to take much more into consideration than just a couple of pictures you like on Instagram.

One thing to remember is that your look has to flow flawlessly from day to night and should make you look your absolute best!

If you don’t typically wear a lot of makeup, tread softly and work with your Makeup Artist to get a more natural look with small amounts of bold features (think bold lips or bold eyes, not both). You’ll want to focus on your best feature and highlight it. Make those beautiful eyes pop, sculpt the cheekbones to stand out, or show your full, luscious lips. When you focus on the best feature, less attention is given to those areas you aren’t as comfortable with.

When consulting with your Makeup Artist, always make sure they know your typical makeup routine and what you’re most comfortable wearing. Make them aware of the bold look you may have fallen in love with on Instagram so they can incorporate some of those features into a look that is all you! By combining your usual makeup routine with the bolder trends you see on the Internet, you will create a unique look that fits you best! Communication is key so make sure you come with a couple of pictures of styles you like and what you use for your typical makeup routine.

Your wedding day is definitely the day you want to look your best and isn’t always the best time to try a new look (unless you book a trial run for it)!

Do your research and find a makeup artist that you feel would be a good fit. Book a trial way before the big day so there is plenty of time to perfect your look. This is one aspect of your wedding day that you don’t want to skimp on. No matter how much confidence you have in your makeup skills, working with a professional is not only the best way to go but lessens your stress during the already hectic day!

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Author: Kristan Sayers

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