Take Baby Steps Into “Going Green” And Becoming A Label Reader

Grab a bottle of your favorite shampoo, lotion, or hand soap. Now, take just a few minutes to read the label.

I am challenging you to start doing this more frequently (if you already do, high five)! You may have just rolled your eyes and think that “going green” and label reading sounds exhausting, confusing, and too expensive. Here's the deal…

By taking a few extra minutes to read the label on your hair care, you can make sure that your products are organic, healthy, and "green". Products that use pure ingredients maybe a tad bit more expensive than the typical grocery store shampoo, but the benefits are exponential.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and it absorbs 60% of what you put on it. There are an incredible amount of naughty ingredients in our hair and skincare products. Say goodbye to parabens, sodium laurel/laureth sulfate, propylene glycol, and fragrance. Why?

  • Parabens, or chemically derived preservatives in products, have been found in biopsied tumors of cancer patients.
  • Sodium laurel/laureth sulfates are actually found in engine degreasers.
  • Propylene glycol may actually impair hair growth over time.
  • The word fragrance is a blanket word for a whopping 5,000 approved ingredients. Of those 5,000, only 1,500 have been tested. Of those tested, 850 have been recognized as toxic or known carcinogens.

Now, go ahead and read the labels of your hair and skincare products again. If your label is squeaky clean, double high five. If not, consider donating it to your garbage can. Feeling skeptical? Check out My Factoids on neumabeauty.com. Neuma products are a healthy hair care alternative. They make sure not to use any of those harmful chemicals we just mentioned.

If it seems overwhelming to change all your products at once, just swap out one naughty product for a good one each time you run out until you have an entire collection of healthy products. Trust me, your body will thank you.

Working at K Bella has opened my eyes to this chemical insanity and we wish to share this with you so you can make educated decisions about what you use on your body.

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Author: Kristan Sayers

K Bella was started by Kristan in 2009. Her artistic talents include all aspects of hair, but she specializes in extremely thin or thick hair with her precise hair cutting techniques, one-of-a-kind color applications, and all forms of hair extensions, including Fusion, Micro Links, NBR, and Habit Hand Tied.

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