Stuck in a Makeup Rut? - Here’s How to Dig Yourself Out!

Yes, ruts can be comfortable and safe, but they also prevent us from exploring and possibly finding something better.

Makeup ruts are the worst because our faces are usually the first thing people see. It’s glaringly obvious when someone hasn’t changed their makeup routine since shoulder pads and acid wash was in fashion (the first time around), but if you’re thinking, “That’s not me!” don’t get too cocky. Not all makeup ruts are instantly apparent. You may be stuck in one and not even realize it.

Sometimes, you just don’t know when you’re trapped. Even I’ve been there, and I do this for a living! There have been times when my makeup routine became so automatic that I wasn’t trying anything new. It wasn’t that I looked weird or outdated (I think), but it was all very expected and unexciting. It’s good to change things up from time to time and admitting you’re in a rut is the first step to getting out. If you think you might currently be in one, here is your intervention!

When It Comes to Makeup, Do Your Research!

To look up the current makeup trends, pick up a few magazines or surf some beauty sites to get an idea of what’s currently going on in the world of cosmetics and take note of looks you like. Once you have a few favorites, figure out what it is you like about them. That should give you some idea of where to start. Pinterest is my personal favorite to browse new styles, but sometimes you can get overwhelmed at all the different looks there are. Keep it basic, simple, and make sure the change suits you and your lifestyle. For example, I love the bright lips, heavily lined eyes, and contoured faces, but it’s probably not a look I could pull off every day!

There are a lot of great ways to switch up your makeup.

You can try your favorite product in a different color or use that product in an innovative way. You can also try a completely new product, but with a technique you already know. No matter how you switch it up, you’re bound to eventually find that fresh style you’re looking for. There are also a lot of products that come in different finishes. A simple way to branch out is to try a new finish, such as a matte formula instead of your usual gloss or shimmer.

One great way to learn new looks is to see a professional. Choose a true makeup artist that wants nothing more than to help you look your best. I’m not talking about the sales girl behind the counter at the local mall who are there to sell you all the products they can including the ones you don’t need. A true professional can guide you to products that will help you choose the best color choices, product placement, and proper tools for the job. We offer makeup lessons that are worth every penny, just ask! The best part is that they can provide invaluable guidance using makeup you already own!

Another great way to learn about a new style is to ask friends or other women that have looks you admire and desire! Most women are flattered to hear a compliment about their makeup and more than likely would be happy to share some ideas and tips!

A third way is to just play “makeup” with a friend! Grab all your favorites mixed with some new products and try out some fresh looks! This can be a lot of fun (especially with a bottle of wine and PJs) and you just may find a thing or two you love!

After a bit of research you may be all pumped up to completely revamp your look, but be careful.

While keeping things fresh is a good thing, going from basic neutrals to a face full of neon is probably not the best idea, even if bright colors are in style. Choose a couple of new products or techniques you want to try. Take a shot at one new product today and another tomorrow. This way you’ll be better able to gauge whether or not you like the look. Also, if you receive any compliments on your makeup you’ll know exactly what they are referring to.

It’s fun to break out of your shell a little. Remember, your current look may be attractive and totally work for you, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t something better out there. Take a little step out of your makeup comfort zone and see where it takes you. It won’t work every time, but you’ll find a few great surprises along the way and have a lot of fun too. You never know – you might become the one others start looking to for new makeup ideas.

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