Once You Go Shellac, You Won’t Go Back

Let me start off by saying that Shellac has been an absolute game-changer when it comes to getting my nails done.

After wearing acrylics for 12 years, I didn’t think I would ever be a candidate for Shellac. The main reason why I always wore acrylics was that my real nails were short and trashed! My nails would never ever grow because they were too thin. Another reason why I didn’t think Shellac would work for me is that I constantly have my hands in water, hair dyes, and cleaning solutions. Normal nail polish doesn’t last a day under these conditions. On top of all that, I don’t have time to wait for my nails to dry, which is why acrylic was so appealing.

After some convincing, I decided to let our amazing tech, Meghan Ranville, try a Shellac polish on my sad, acrylic-less, short nails. This is what happened:

My nails were definitely short the first week, but the Shellac polish stuck like glue. There was no chipping or peeling. After a week, my nails began to grow and have actual length. I was shocked because my nails don’t usually grow at all. The second week, they became long enough to be shapeable! I couldn’t believe it, so I continued my appointments every two weeks. In less than a month, my nails were the same length as they were when I had acrylics and they were strong!

Now, let me tell you about the added bonuses of Shellac polish that I soon discovered.

  1. My nail appointments are freaky fast, like 30 minutes max! That in itself should sell you.
  2. When I had my acrylic nails, they would get stuck somewhere and snap off. Those days don’t exist anymore. With the Shellac polish, they just bend a bit and bounce right back. No breaking whatsoever!
  3. There are a variety of different polishes available in Shellac such as color-changing, metallic, and sparkle.
  4. There have been reports from many people that say their Shellac polish lasted longer than two weeks!

Even after hearing all the bonuses, you may be skeptical because you heard a horror story of shellac ruining someone’s nails. I guarantee you that if someone’s nails were ruined by shellac, it was because of user error. The nail tech may have used a product that is not true shellac and therefore did not perform as the product should, or the tech ruined your natural nails by using drills and other nonsensical tools to prep before the polish. Just remember, with all manicures, there is a proper way to remove the polish so it doesn’t damage your nail. The Shellac polish bonds with your nail to create a strong nail bed, so it should never be peeled off. There is a process for proper removal in order to maintain your nail strength. Your nails will suffer if done incorrectly, so, please let a professional take them off! Meghan would rather spend 5 minutes to take off your shellac than months trying to repair your nails!

Hopefully, you are just as excited as I am about Shellac by now and you give it a try! Book an appointment with Meghan today!

P.S. Meghan also offers tons of designs for your nails. Check out the nail gallery on our website!

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Author: Kristan Sayers

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