Need Relief From Back Pain Or Jaw Discomfort?

Our Massage Specialists can make you feel so much better!

I can tell you first-hand, TMG/Temporomandibular joint pain is very unpleasant! We all know stress causes us to tense up and this is why scheduling a regular deep tissue massage is so important. Many of us clench our teeth so tight when we sleep that it leads to extreme discomfort and restless nights. This is when I recommend you let our professionals help you out.

Muscle dysfunction accounts for 85 percent of all pain syndromes, including head, face, neck, jaw pain and even migraine headaches. According to The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, the most common form of TMJ jaw disorder is myofascial pain, caused by trigger points, also known as an irritable spot in skeletal muscle that is locked or compressed into a deep and painful spasm. So, treating muscles INSIDE the mouth by applying sustained, direct pressure is the best way to restore the muscle to a more normal, elongated position. This is exactly what our massage therapists do and once that trigger point is released, you can feel your jaw relax instantly! If you're suffering, this is one service you can't live without, so take the 20 minutes needed to fix that jaw!

Now let's talk about that lower back pain.

Have you ever wanted a massage, but you just can't lay flat on a table for a whole hour? Well, K Bella has invested in an electric full range of motion massage table. K Bella is one of the only companies in Livingston County that has electric beds for their massage therapists. This was very important to me, as an owner, for so many reasons. These tables:

  • Give our therapists more leverage with deep tissue massage
  • Make you more comfortable because we can adjust the height of the table
  • Allow the therapists to sit you upright in order to reach specific body parts
  • Help treat elderly or injured clients by lowering the table (all the way to the ground if needed!) for easy access getting on it
  • Help people who have severe back or hip pain by taking the pressure off the back and hips with an anti-gravity mode.

We will customize the massage session to your specific needs and wants. Whatever is causing your body to hurt, our massage therapists can help relieve the pain!

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Author: Kristan Sayers

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