Sports Massage Therapy Customized to Fit Your Active Lifestyle

If you are an athlete, an avid gym member, or just very active, you should consider getting our sports massage!

Sports massage is ideal to treat injuries and acts as a preventative treatment. Sports therapy is a specific use of massage techniques and hydrotherapy that encourages flexibility, strength, increased blood flow, and stimulating neurological pathways. These techniques are used either as maintenance or as a recovery method from injury or a procedure. If you have an injury, partnering up with your doctor and massage therapist can possibly offer quicker and less painless recovery. If you are considering a sports massage strictly for maintenance, your massage therapist can help you keep your body in tip-top condition to continue on with your workout routine.

When you come in for your massage, expect it to be slightly different than the relaxing, Swedish massage you may be used to. A sports massage is different because our massage therapists will gently stretch your muscle or muscle group to its endpoint for about 10 seconds. You will then contract that muscle before stretching it again. You increase your range of motion by doing this and I can tell you, it feels amazing!

Our massage therapists are a fountain of knowledge about massage and offer services that are tailored to meet your physical needs. If you ever have any questions about how massage can benefit you, drop us a line at (810) 360-0915

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