Keep Your Hair Color Vibrant Between Appointments!

Celeb Luxury a shampoo and conditioner line that keeps your color looking fresh and it's available at K Bella Hair Studio & Spa!

If you’re like me, you’ve been getting color in your hair for years. My hair always looks so bright and beautiful when I leave the salon and a couple of weeks later, it fades to a dull color. I always wished there was some way I could keep that color as vibrant as the day I left the salon. Well… those days of wishing are over.

One of Celeb Luxury’s lines, Gem Lites, focuses on natural colors including blondes, browns, and reds. Using Gem Lites right after your color application, will add rich color to your hair while also giving your hair a healthy, natural feel. When you use this product continuously, your hair will not have the visible washout and fade between your color appointments. Not only do Gem Lites keep your color looking perfect, but they also moisturize and hydrate your hair to help prevent breakage!

What could possibly make this product better? It is 100% vegan and they don’t do any animal testing!

It is always important to me that the products we sell are safe to use. Gem Lites are also free of sulfate, paraben, ammonia, peroxide, and PPD. I highly recommend this product line if you want to keep your hair color looking its best between appointments!

Pick up Gem Lites at your next appointment to keep your color looking fabulous!!

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Author: Kristan Sayers

K Bella was started by Kristan in 2009. Her artistic talents include all aspects of hair, but she specializes in extremely thin or thick hair with her precise hair cutting techniques, one-of-a-kind color applications, and all forms of hair extensions, including Fusion, Micro Links, NBR, and Habit Hand Tied.

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