Have Questions About Eyelash Extensions?

Have you been thinking about lash extensions? I talk to lots of ladies considering them and here are some of the common questions I get.

Q: What should I do before my appointment?

A: First-time clients are scheduled for two hours. They should come in with a clean face. No makeup or lotion can be applied that day. Hopefully, any mascara residue has been scrubbed from the lashes. (Never use waterproof mascara!!! It's not good for your lashes!)

Q: What is the difference between Classic lashes and Volume lashes?

A: This is a question we are often asked in the salon. The biggest difference between the two is the number of lashes that are applied to each natural lash. Classic lashes are when a single lash extension is applied to a single natural lash. Volume lashes are when 2 or more lash extensions are applied in the form of a fan. Volume lashes are typically 2-6 lashes that are ‘fanned’ symmetrically and come to a perfect point at the bottom. The goal of volume lashes is to look fuller and give the appearance of more volume between fills. While classic and volume are the most popular techniques used, there are also hybrid lashes and mega volume lashes. Hybrid lashes are when a tech will use both classic and volume techniques to make the lashes appear fuller. Mega volume is just that, lots and lots of volume! Mega volume uses lashes as tiny as .03 millimeters in diameter. Fans are between 6-15 lashes applied to one natural lash. It can be a pretty heavy look for the average client to wear daily.

Q: Shouldn’t I get the real mink extensions like Kim Kardashian?

A: You definitely don't want these types of lashes because allergies can be caused by overexposure. Why would you glue an animal’s fur (that you don't know anything about or where it came from) to your eye? Ever see someone who is allergic to cats? Additionally, mink hair is naturally straight and must be treated to be curled. On top of all that, I've read articles that say these lashes are made from what is swept up off the floor of a mink coat factory.

Q: When should I get them filled?

A: The first fill is in 2 weeks. A Classic fill is $55 and a Volume fill is $65. The following fills will be scheduled every 3 weeks. You can get a variety of widths, lengths, curls, and colors.

Q: What will my appointment be like?

A: Once we decide on a style, I get started. First, I clean the lash. Next, I tape down your lower lashes so your eye doesn't get glued shut. After that, you close your eyes and I get started lashing.

Q: What should I avoid after I get my lashes?

A: When I'm done, you can jump right back into your regular life. There is no need to avoid water or steam, but there are a few things to know.

  1. You must live an oil-free life. This includes makeup remover, moisturizer, and creams. Oils will break down the glue and make your lashes fall out.

  2. Avoid extreme heat including Hibachi grills, BBQ grills, ovens, and hair dryers.

  3. Don't sleep on your face, for obvious reasons. It is also suggested that a silk pillowcase is used to reduce any friction while sleeping.

  4. Wash your lashes every day, but avoid high water pressure straight to your eyes. I give all my clients a foaming pump that is filled with diluted baby shampoo. You are not going to wash them off, it actually improves retention! My clients can bring back their bottle and I will fill it or they can make their own. The solution is one part baby shampoo to four parts distilled water.

  5. No need for mascara or lash curlers. Mascara will not do anything beneficial for your lashes, especially if you choose the Volume set. A lash curler will only break the glue bonds.

My ladies love their lashes. They always comment on how great they look when they wake up. Most of them just add blush and lip gloss before they’re headed out the door. If you’re ready for a life without having to wear mascara all the time, book an appointment today!

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Author: Stephanie Olson

Stephanie has become one of the best eyelash extension technicians in the area, training under local lash artists as well as international Lash Masters, Loreta Jasilionyete (Russia) and Frankie Widows (UK).

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