Kameryn is Kristan's Newest Apprentice!

Kam graduated from Brighton High school in 2018 and got her associate's degree from Lansing Community College in Marketing at the end of 2020. She's had an inkling for beauty since she was 13 and started working on braiding and curling mannequins. Kam has known since 2019 that she was going to be Kristan's next assistant/apprentice; it's finally here and she's eager to learn under the best!

Kam enjoys the service industry because it's her goal to make her future clients feel beautifully confident when they leave the salon.

In her free time, she enjoys painting, playing with her 3 dogs, fishing with her dad, and going on nature hikes!

Kameryn's Health & Wellness Certifications

To give our clients extra reassurance when it comes to infection control measures and safe work practices, we decided to have all of the workers at K Bella take these new certifications and this is just the start of all the work we are doing to ensure everyone's safety.

Kameryn Bell - Barbicide® Certification
Kameryn Bell - Barbicide® COVID-19 Certification
Kameryn Bell - Milady Infection Control Certification

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