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What are your business hours?

Hours may vary weekly, please check our contact page or call (810) 360-0915 for up to date information

Does K Bella take male clients and children?

Our salon has a diverse clientele of all ages and genders. Our salon and spa are designed to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome!

How do I minimize frizz when wearing my hair curly?

Using a smoothing cream will cut down on unwanted frizz, which smooths and protects the hair. Also, talk to your stylist about more permanent solutions like our Pure Brazilian and Brazilian Blowout Treatments.

How long should I wait between haircuts?

Short styles should be maintained every 4 to 5 weeks. All other styles should be trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks depending on the condition of your hair.

When do I need to use a heat protectant on my hair?

Any time a heat styling tool is used on the hair, you should apply a heat protectant to create a barrier between the hair and the styling tool.

What is a normal amount daily hair shedding?

On average, 100 to 200 hairs are shed daily.

What is the difference between gel and styling clay used for men’s hairstyling?

Gel gives you a wet look that is fixed, or set, which needs to be combed out or shampooed to change the style. Styling clay or pastes can be manipulated throughout the day to change or revive the style.

Why is my hair lacking shine?

In most cases, store-bought shampoos can be high in sulfates which strip the hair of natural oils, leaving it dry and dull. These products may also leave a waxy residue on the hair which builds up over time, creating a dull finish.

Why is my hair rough feeling and difficult to comb through?

Your hair most likely has a heavy mineral buildup which can be removed by a Malibu Treatment or a Surface Purify Treatment performed by your hairstylist.

I colored my hair at home and it turned out too dark. How do I fix it?

You will need to book a corrective color with your stylist to lighten the color. You cannot lighten the color by using a lighter boxed color.

Can I get a perm or relaxer at the same time as a hair color process?

You should wait a minimum of two weeks after a perm or relaxer to color the hair. Not only can a chemical texture service strip your color, but the two services together may be damaging to the hair.

I can not/do not want to use hair color with ammonia in it, what are my options?

Hair needs both a healthy skin environment on the scalp and internal balance in your body to grow normally. K Bella has amazing products for a healthy scalp which are gentle, safe, and price-efficient. If products are not fixing the issue, you may ask your doctor about your concerns. The stylists here at K Bella have 2 ammonia-free color options, which are AllNutrient and Goldwell Nectaya.

My hair is thinning, what can I do?

Hair needs both a healthy skin environment on the scalp and internal balance in your body to grow normally. K Bella has amazing products for a healthy scalp which are gentle, safe, and price-efficient. If products are not fixing the issue, you may ask your doctor about your concerns.

What are the general benefits of a massage?

Reduces stress, pain, muscle tension, promotes deeper breathing, better posture, improves circulation, enhance joint flexibility, calms the mind, promotes mental alertness, increase self-awareness and peace of mind, blood flow, and circulation improves, helps brings nutrition to the muscles and tissues, aids in the recovery of muscle soreness from muscle strain. It will aid in anxiety and digestive disorders too!

What are the benefits of massage for athletes?

Massage will improve performance, reduce pain, prevent future injury, encourage and shorten recovery time. It will improve movement and reflex responses. Lastly, it will deliver fresh oxygen and nutrients to the tissue and promotes the removal of waste and toxins in the body. The heart rate will lower and your flexibility and motion will improve.

What is a therapeutic massage?

This type of massage helps relieve pain, reduce stress, and work on a specific problem - such as a frozen shoulder.

What are the benefits of deep tissue massage?

This is a type of massage that focuses on revealing the deep layers of your muscles and connective tissue. It is ideal for anyone who has chronic pain, an injury (even if chronic), stiff neck, tightness in the lower back, and sore shoulders.

Will Shellac or gel manicures damage my nails?

No, this is a common misconception. The only way these can damage nails is if they are improperly removed (picking, filing to harshly, excessive soaking in acetone).

I have sensitive skin, is the Nufree hair removal system safe for me?

All hair removal services require a consultation to be sure it is safe for you based on medications and other factors. Nufree contains all botanical ingredients and adheres to the hair, not the skin so it is very gentle.

Will I be red or irritated after a Repachage facial?

Nope! The 4 layer facial is gentle enough for a bride on her wedding day.

How long will my Shellac manicure last?

Shellac manicures last 2 weeks, chip-free.

Will my spray tan turn orange?

The only way our spray tans can turn orange is if the solution is deactivated too soon. We recommend waiting 24 hours before allowing water to touch the tan. This includes; showering, hand washing, crying, sweating, and rain.

I've been thinking about getting Eyelash Extensions, can you tell me more?

Our Lash Specialist and Nail Technician, Stephanie Olson wrote a very helpful article on this topic. She covers everything from consultations to maintenance, click the button below to visit our Blog and read more!

More About Eyelash Extensions View Our Eyelash Services

Should I be washing my lashes at home between fills? Am I even allowed to get my lashes wet?

These are questions all lash-wearers have at some point. Not only should your tech be washing your lashes before EVERY service, but you should also be washing them at home, daily. When you wear lashes, you are crowding your natural lash line. This means that you need to take extra precautions to make sure that area stays clean.

There are things like environmental debris, blepharitis, sebaceous secretions, and lash mites that can get into the lashes. Take our word for it, you’d much rather wash them once a day than deal with that! Washing your lashes with something as simple as diluted baby shampoo will not only keep them clean, but also improve your lash retention. Cleaning lashes is especially important if you like to indulge in eyeliner or a creamy shadow for a night out.

The time of day you choose to wash your lashes can matter too! There are some circumstances in which washing them only in the morning or at night isn’t what’s best. For instance, you are much better off washing them after a workout, after doing yard work, or after a day at the beach. In these situations, it is better to get the debris and bacteria out right away. Ensure you have healthy and happy lashes by keeping them clean!

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